Admission & Withdrawal

Admission & Withdrawal

The Management has made the following norms, according to which they will admit or retain pupils in the school. Admission is open to all without any discrimination of a caste or creed and is restricted only according to the availability of seats. Being a minority institution the Principal reserves the right to admit students of the Catholic Minority on a preferential basis, with or without some concession in the matter of criteria or eligibility stated above. Parents/Guardians will be required to fill in the admission form correctly and pay all preliminary fees. Incomplete form and those without relevant documents will not be accepted. No changes will be done in the admission form once it is filled and submitted.

Admission to Class - I

Priority is given to students coming from SJC KG branch. Fresh admissions to this class are made only if vacancies occur.

Documents to be enclosed at the time of Admission to Class - I

  1. The Original Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation / Nagar Nigam / Panchayat along with Photocopy.
  2. SSSM Child Id & Family ID
  3. Aadhar Card No.
  4. Joint Bank Account with the Father.
  5. Caste certificate of the father for those who come into the category of SC /ST / OBC

Admission to Class II - IX

Admission is granted to students of transfer cases, depending on the availability of seats in each class. An entrance examination is conducted in the major subjects of the class. The result of the entrance test is displayed on the notice board, on the given date and time. On the basis of merit in this entrance examination, the students are given admission. A Transfer certificate countersigned by a competent authority of the concerning school board will be accepted along with photocopy of previous school mark sheet, Child ID, Aadhar Card and copy of Bank details.

Admission to Class XI

Admission to Class XI - Since class X is a terminal stage in the Secondary School scheme of education followed by the schools, admission to Std-XI in this school shall be considered as a fresh admission.

Academic performance in class X examination is not the only criteria for admission to class XI.

Priority is given to our own students considering their regularity in attendance, consistent academic performance in class VIII, IX, and X together with good conduct for seeking admission in class -XI.

Fresh admission to class XI will be given strictly on the basis of Board Exam Result, performance in the test conducted by the school, counseling of student cum parent and as per the rules given in the school calendar.

Students appearing for supplementary exams are not eligible for admission.

The admission shall be subject to scrutiny... of all the students by the Principal. The decision of the Principal shall be conclusive and final.

Streams offered in Class XI

School offers optional subjects as Hindi and Computer Science. Entrance Examination is conducted for those who wish to opt for Computer Science. Subjects once selected by the students cannot be changed after July 31st.

Mathematics A1 or A2 in Maths & Science should be obtained in the Summative Assessment conducted by the Board.
Biology A1, A2 or B1 in Science & Maths should be obtained in the Summative Assessment conducted by the Board.
Commerce A1, A2, B1 or B2 in English, Maths and Social Science should be obtained in the Summative Assessment conducted by the Board.


Notice of withdrawal should be given one month in advance, or else the fee for the following month will be charged. This notice should be given by the parent or guardian.

Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all dues are paid. Application form for Transfer Certificate is inserted in the school calendar. Transfer Certificate will be issued only to the parents / guardians DURING OFFICE HOURS, three days after application has been submitted. No certificate of any kind will be issued without prior application by the parent.

A student, who fails more than once in the same class, will be asked to leave the school.

The Principal reserves to herself the right of dismissing students for irregular attendance, unsatisfactory progress in studies, misconduct, non-participation in co-curricular activities. Honesty, cleanliness of person and dress, good manners and loyalty are demanded of each student. Anyone not conforming to the ideals of the school in these matters may be asked to leave. Immorality, grave insubordination and contempt of authority, willful damage to school property, are sufficient reasons for immediate dismissal.

The Principal reserves the right to refuse any admission without having to assign reasons for such an action.