1. Name of the School Address   

(i)    E-mail

(ii)   Ph. No.

(iii)  Fax No.

St. Joseph’s Convent Higher Secondary SchoolCivil Lines, Khandwa, M.P. – 450001


2. Year of Establishment of School 1892
3. Whether NOC from State /UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained?

(i)    NOC No.

(ii)   NOC issuing date




4. Is the school is recognized, if yes by which authority Yes, By CBSE
5. Status of Affiliation

(i)   Affiliation No.

(ii)  Affiliation with the Board since

(iii) Extension of affiliation upto





6. Name of the Society Snehdhara Welfare Society
7. List of members of School Managing Committee with their Address/tenure and post held.
  S.No. Names Address Tenure Post
  1. Sr. Regi Komoroth Provincial House-Tanmaya A Block, Kurana P.O Near Shanti Nagar Bhopal,  (M.P) PIN 462030 3yrs President
  2. Sr. Clotilde Parambi St. Joseph’s Convent Civil Lines, Khandwa (M.P) PIN 450001 3yrs Manager
  3. Sr. Arpita Joseph St. Joseph’s Convent Civil Lines, Khandwa (M.P) PIN 450001 3yrs Principal
  4. Sr. Catherine Labore St. Joseph’s Convent Civil Lines, Khandwa (M.P) PIN 450001 3yrs Secretary
  5. Sr. Laveena St. Joseph’s Convent Civil Lines, Khandwa (M.P) PIN 450001 3yrs Treasurer
  6. Sr. Karuna St. Joseph’s Convent Civil Lines, Khandwa (M.P) PIN 450001 3yrs H.M.
  7. Mr. P. Deshmukh Kendriya Vidyalaya Harsud Road, Khandwa (M.P) PIN 450001 3yrs Principal, K.V.
  8. Fr. Philip Kaduthanam Sophia Convent School, Indore Road, Khandwa 3yrs Manager,Sophia Convent School
  9. Shri Sanjeev Mandloi District Education Office,Lal Chowki, Khandwa 3yrs Asst. D.E.O.
  10. Fr. Jose A. St. Pius H. Sec. School, Anand Nagar, Khandwa 3yrs Manager, St. Pius School
  11. Mrs. Sunita Revari 3yrs Legal Adviser
  12. Mrs. Asha Pathak 3yrs Teacher Representative
  13. Mr. Ajay Paliwal 3yrs Teacher Representative
  14. Mr. Rishi Agrawal 3yrs Parent Representative
  15. Ms. Beena Shah 3yrs Parent Representative
8. Name and official address of the Manager / President / Chairman / Correspondent (i)    E-mail(ii)   Ph. No.(iii)  Fax No. Sr. Clotilde ParambiSt. Joseph’s Convent, Civil Lines,Khandwa, M.P. 450001 sjc_khandwa@yahoo.com0733-2228190 
9. Area of School Campus
   (i)    in Acres(ii)   in sq. mtrs.(iii)  Built up area (sq. mtrs)(iv)  Area of playground in sq. mtrs(v)   other facilities       (i)     Swimming Pool       (ii)    Indoor Games       (iii)   Dance Rooms       (iv)   Gymnasium       (v)    Music Rooms       (vi)   Hostels

       (vii)  Health & Medical check up


  2.89 11683.55   3060.87  4368 YesYesYes


10. Details of Fee Structure
  Class 1st Inst. 2nd Inst 3rd Inst. 4th Inst. Total
  I – V 3050 3950 2900 2900 12800
  VI – VIII 3200 4150 3100 3100 13550
  IX – X 3250 4550 3450 3450 14700
  XI – XII Commerce 3250 4450 3400 3350 14450
  XI – XII Com. with Comp. 3250 5700 4350 4300 17600
  XI – XII PCM 3250 5050 3850 3800 15950
  XI – XII PCM with Comp. 3250 6300 4800 4750 19100
  XI – XII PCB 3250 5350 4100 4050 16750
11. Transport Facility
  (i)   Own Buses(ii)  Buses hired on contract basis(iii) Details of transport charges
12. Particulars of teaching staff (to be updated time to time)
S.No. Name Designation Trained/ Untrained Probation / Confirmed Adhoc / Part Time
1. Sr. Arpita Joseph PRINCIPAL Trained Confirmed  
2. Mrs. Asha Pathak PGT Trained Confirmed  
3. Ms. Sunita Sharma PGT Trained Confirmed  
4. Ms. Manju Chandel PGT Trained Confirmed  
5. Ms. Bindubala Bakshi PGT Trained Confirmed  
6. Mr. Milind Shrimali PGT Trained Confirmed  
7. Mrs. Sapna Jaiswal PGT Trained Confirmed  
8. Mrs. Mahe Nigar Malik PGT Trained Confirmed  
9. Mr. Piyush Rathi PGT Trained Confirmed  
10. Mrs. Mangla Jagtap TGT Trained Confirmed  
11. Mr. Ajay Paliwal TGT Trained Confirmed  
12. Mr. Prashant Tiwari TGT Trained Confirmed  
13. Mrs. Rekha Tomar TGT Trained Confirmed  
14. Mrs. Kishori Chouhan TGT Trained Confirmed  
15. Mrs. Ranjana Sharma TGT Trained Confirmed  
16. Mr. Harsh K. Agrawal TGT Trained Confirmed  
17. Mr. Sheikh Imran TGT Trained Confirmed  
18. Mr. Yeshu K. Purwey TGT Trained Confirmed  
19. Mrs. Harshida Kamdar TGT Trained Confirmed  
20. Ms. Nita Sera Singh TGT Trained Confirmed  
21. Mrs. Talat Khan TGT Trained Confirmed  
22. Mrs. Tasneem Saify TGT Trained Confirmed  
23. Mrs. Prachi Tiwari TGT Trained Confirmed  
24. Mrs. Mamta Dodia TGT Trained Confirmed  
25. Ms. Jyoti Sankale Lib. Trained Confirmed  
26. Mrs. Shivani Kochar TGT Trained Confirmed  
27. Mrs. Kirti Parag Gokhale TGT Trained Confirmed  
28. Ms. Jaishree Goswami TGT Trained Confirmed  
29. Mrs. Sarla Mishra TGT Trained Confirmed  
30. Sr. Helen Thomas TGT Trained Confirmed  
31. Sr. Liji Peter TGT Trained Confirmed  
32. Sr. Laveena TGT Trained Confirmed  
33. Mrs. Christina Mathias PRT Trained Confirmed  
34. Mrs. Nisha Tiwari PRT Trained Confirmed  
35. Mrs. Aradhana Dubey PRT Trained Confirmed  
36. Mrs. Sheetal Bhalrai PRT Trained Confirmed  
37. Ms. Alice Edward PRT Trained Confirmed  
38. Mrs. Imilian Mathias PRT Trained Confirmed  
39. Mrs. Nishi Mandloi PRT Trained Confirmed  
40. Mrs. Jini Mathew PRT Trained Confirmed  
41. Ms. Nilofer Sheikh PRT Trained Confirmed  
42. Mrs. Jayshri Tiwari PRT Trained Confirmed  
43. Mrs. Seema Mandloi PRT Trained Confirmed  
44. Mrs. Jyoti Nigam PRT Trained Confirmed  
45. Mrs. Vandana Khede PRT Trained Confirmed  
46. Mrs. Insiya Lokhandwala PRT Trained Confirmed  
47. Mrs. Rekha Naik PRT Trained Probation  
48. Mrs. Sukhpreet Kaur Anand PRT Trained Probation  
49. Mrs. Divya Verma PRT Trained Probation  
50. Mrs. Sheela Joseph PRT Trained Confirmed  
51. Sr. Rani B.Sc.     Adhoc
52. Ms. Sonam Ahuja B.E.     Adhoc
53. Mrs. Mrinalini Gupta TGT Trained   Part -Time
54. Mr. Hemant Soni TGT Trained   Part -Time
55. Mrs. Rachna Bhagat TGT Trained Probation  
56. Ms. Jaya Ahuja B.E.     Adhoc
57. Mrs. Ankita Chourey B.E.     Adhoc
58. Ms. Deepshika Pacholi B.E.   Probation  
59. Mrs. Pooja Joshi PRT Trained   Adhoc
60. Ms. Ayushi Batho Teacher     Adhoc
61. Ms. Priya Chandwani Teacher     Adhoc
62. Ms. Kanchan Udhwani Teacher     Adhoc
63. Ms. Narmrata Guru Teacher     Adhoc
62. Sr. Merlin B.Sc.     Adhoc
63. Sr. Adelaide Teacher Trained   Part-Time
13. Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff / non-teaching staff  (to be updated time to time)
  Designation Pay Scale
  Teaching Staff / PGT / TGT / PRT  9300 – 34800 / 9300 – 34800 / 9300 – 34800
  Non-Teaching Staff / Clerical Staff / Class IV Staff  5200 – 20200 / 4400 – 7440
14. Library Facilities
  (i)   Size of the Library in sq. feet(ii)  No. of Periodicals(iii) No. of Dailies(iv) No. of Reference books class-wise(v)  No. of Magazine(vi) Others 13862554367185872
16. Name of the Grievance /redressal Officer with E-mail, Ph No. Sr. Arpita0733-2228190
17. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee Sr.    ArpitaSr.    KarunaMr.   Mrs. Asha PathakMrs.  Mr. Milind ShrimaliMrs.  Sheetal Bhalrai
18. Section wise enrolment of School for the current Session.
  Class Section Enrolment
  I 4 220
  II 4 242
  III 4 211
  IV 4 206
  V 4 201
  VI 4 187
  VII 4 181
  VIII 4 173
  IX 4 174
  X 4 177
  XI 2 103
  XII 2 89
19. Academic session Period From April to March
20. Vacation Period From May to Mid June
21. Admission Period From April to July