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The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” so says a Chinese proverb. And so began the journey of St. Joseph’s Convent H. S. School Khandwa. The request made by the Railway officers to the Franciscan Missionaries working in Khandwa, East Nimar Region, M.P., paved the way for a group of 3 sisters headed by Mother Dominique to impart English Education to the children of the railway Employees on 11th February 1892.

Thus the plan that God had in mind from all eternity, took birth as a tiny seed sowed in the heart of Khandwa city.  Watered and nurtured by the hard work, patience and dedication of the Sisters and Staff, the appreciation of the parents, guardians and well wishers, and the encouragement and support of the officials and higher authorities, both religious and secular, this seed slowly but surely took the form of a mighty institution. Days, months and years have swiftly gone by, giving shelter, knowledge, love and care, to a great number of children, who have passed through its portals.

St. Joseph’s Convent H.S. School, Khandwa, was founded in 1892, by the Indian Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, as per provisions of the Constitution of India part III Art. 30 (1). It is administered by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Convent, Khandwa, in accordance with general rules governing the above Congregation.

The School is recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It prepares students for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

The School is lovingly dedicated, as the name suggests, to St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ. Honouring him as the patron Saint of the School, every Josephite Student and Teacher is asked to inculcate in their lives, the virtues of St. Joseph, such as his Availability, Simplicity, Hospitality, Obedience, Cheerfulness, Purity, Courage, Faith, Humility and Loving Services.

In a world that is increasingly being torn as under by strife and violence, St. Joseph’s emphasizes the inculcation of above mentioned moral values and spiritual awareness in its students so that they can go out into the world as beacons of light and rays of hope and spread universal brotherhood, for future generations. The aims and ideals of the establishment are succinctly encapsulated in the school motto. ‘Virtue alone ennobles’. Apart from the constant quest for human and academic excellence the institution also encourages its students to participate in local, state and national level competitions with a view to broadening horizons and equipping them with an international outlook and global vision.

Everybody at St. Joseph’s believe that every child is a gift of God to mankind and pride of the human race and we should strive to make them potentially the light of the world. We uphold the view that school is a light house of the society, not just as it is but as it should be. The school creates an atmosphere that is free of all limitations, prejudices and distinctions.

The school integrates scholastic  teaching with co-scholastic activities and sports at Intra and Inter-School level to ensure all round development of the child’s personality.

Several Managers & Principals have been at the helm, working tirelessly, along with a band of faithful and dedicated teachers to bring the school to its present stature.

Those worthy of mention are as follows:-

Managers / Principals of St. Joseph’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Khandwa


1892 – 1897 Mother M. Dominique
1897 – 1900 Mother Monica
1900 – 1913 Mother Gasarine
1913 – 1914 Mother Alexis
1914 – 1924 Mother Mary Clare
1924 – 1931 Mother Stanislaus
1931 – 1934 Mother Cesarie
1934 – 1943 Mother Mary Bernard
1943 – 1947 Mother Columba
1947 – 1948 Mother Ann Teresa
1948 – 1954 Mother Mechetilde
1954 – 1957 Mother Ann Teresa
1957 – 1958 Mother Mary Assunta
1958 – 1960 Sister Emanuel
1960 – 1962 Sister Benigna
1962 – 1968 Sister Ann Charlotte
1968 – 1974 Sister Delphine


1974 – 1977 Sister Monica 1974 – 1980 Sister Monica
1977 – 1983 Sister M. Agapit 1980 – 1998 Sister M. Alexis
1983 – 1989 Sister M. Sabina
1989 – 1993 Sister M. Agapit
1993 – 1998 Sister M. Sabina
1998 – 2000 Sister Eugenie 1998 – 2005 Sister M. Sabina
2000 – 2003 Sister M. Stanislaus
2003 – 2006 Sister M. Loretta 2005 – 2011 Sister Asha Jose
2006 – 2008 Sister M. Gertrude
2008 – 2011 Sister Maria Joseph
2011 – 2013 Sister Veena 2011 – Sister Arpita Joseph
2013 – Sister Clotilde